The Expert's Edge: Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time (McGraw-Hill)

expertsedge_covshadow_280Take your business to the next level! A “magic bullet” does exist!

  • Become THE guru in your field
  • Learn how to publish articles and even a book!
  • Become a recognized public speaker
  • Create a “client community” so you can raise your fees
  • Use the internet creatively, wisely… effectively!

By becoming a “thought leader” in your target market, your business life will change forever. No more boom-and-bust, no more getting battered by the economy, no more losing out to your competition.

Your “expert’s edge” can push your business to the next level and keep you there. As a recognized thoughtleader, you’ll blow your competition away, make much more money, keep customers coming back (and sending you new ones)… and have fun!

No matter your specialty, level, experience or personal style, The Expert’s Edge can transport you to the enviable status of “go-to authority” that your target market turns to… every time!

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Dr. Karissa Thacker No avatar Management Psychologist
" I have found working with Ken and ​his ​team to be a true partnership. Emerson worked to help me reach my goal as if it were one of their own business goals.​ ​ They have been ​invaluable to me in navigating the ​book ​publishing process ​such that ​we were ​ultimately ​successful ​at​ landing a deal with Jossey Bass. "

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John Guaspari No avatar Employee Engagement Expert
" The Emerson team has been first-rate on all counts. As a result of the excellent work done by Ken and Elena, I had a choice of three publishers for my latest book. This gave me the luxury of choosing the one that was best-aligned with my goals and gave me the strongest sense that I would be a true partner to them as opposed to “yet another author. "

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Jay W. Vogt No avatar Founder - Peoplesworth
" Ken Lizotte and emerson consulting group have helped to keep my consulting practice healthy for the last several years...I’ve since recommended Ken and his team with enthusiasm to many colleagues who have asked me – How did you do this? "

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Karen Friedman No avatar President - Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc.
" Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight and support during this process of seeking a publisher. Without your guidance, I would never have sealed the deal! Not only did you negotiate well on my behalf, but you understood the value of finding the right partner who would be the best fit for my long term goals. I couldn’t have done it without you. "

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Steve Gareau No avatar Author - Building your Bridge to Sales $ucess
" I would never hesitate in recommending emerson consulting group inc. The staff is so attentive and responsive...Ken once said to me, "You’re a lot like me." I take that as an honor, to be in his company. I highly recommend Ken and his company and its excellent services. "

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Katy Tynan No avatar Partner - MindBridge Partners
" After working closely with me to develop an outstanding book proposal, I received three strong offers from publishers, and was able to pick the one that I felt was the best fit. It was a highly collaborative process, and I was incredibly impressed with the communication, the dedication, and the enthusiasm with which Ken and his team approached their work. "

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Jim L. Poage Ph.D. No avatar Founder and CEO - JLP Performance Consulting
" I feel very good to have received four publisher offers. You know publishers very well and how to deal with them. You do a great job getting first-time authors without an established platform published. "

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Kathleen Burns Kingsbury No avatar Principal - KBK Wealth Connection
" Ken and emerson consulting have been wonderful to work with. Not only did they help me land my first major book deal with McGraw-Hill, they supported me before, during and after the process. "

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Suzanne Bates No avatar CEO - Bates Communications
" My company has worked with emerson consulting for many years to raise our thoughtleading profile. Ken and his team have landed multiple book contracts with a major publisher (McGraw-Hill), conducted book promotion campaigns, positioned articles in top publications, developed speaking opportunities and gotten us interviewed, among many other things. Emerson consulting is an ideal collaborator that brings skill and experience to every aspect of a project. "

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Neal Frankle No avatar Founding Partner and Certified Financial Planner - Wealth Pilgrim
" Does Ken walk on water? I don’t know because I haven’t gone to the pool with him yet. But he is a miracle man. Within 3 weeks of signing up, Ken landed me a column with Forbes. Booyah. Beyond the results, the process was a pleasure. "

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